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Return & Warranty Policies

Return Policy

All physical products purchased may be returned for full refund (minus initial shipping cost) within 30 days of purchase, under the following conditions:

The product is in original, working order or quality and can be returned with all items, parts, pieces and accessories originally included as part of the product. A return is requested prior to the return expiration date The customer pays for return shipping, and all return shipping instructions are followed.

Contact Us to request a return. We will send you shipping return instructions.

Refund Policy

A refund, not to exceed the original purchase price, will be issued when all of the following conditions have been met:

We receive the product return within 15 days of the initial return request. We have confirmed that the product functions normally and is not broken, damaged or otherwise unfit for purpose. We confirm the product has been returned with all items, parts, pieces and accessories originally included as part of the product. All refunds will be issued via Paypal within 15 days of confirmation that all return and refund policy conditions have been met.

We reserves the right to assess a partial refund or no refund if the returned product does not meet the conditions stated above.

Kit Repair/Return/Refund Policy

Due to the risks of improper assembly and damage during assembly, kit product sales are final and non-refundable, with the only exceptions being in regard to parts defects.

If you believe your kit has a defective part (PCB, chip module, etc.), please contact us and we will work together to try and determine whether the problem is caused by a defective part or soldering. If a defective part is suspected:

You pay for return shipping, and we will receive and confirm the product defect and your unit will be either repaired and returned for free, or you can select one of these options:
If the problem source cannot be determined, a replacement kit will be offered for the cost of return shipping
You can opt to a fully assembled unit for the cost difference, plus return shipping

Full Assembled Product Warranty Repair/Return/Refund Policy

If you believe your fully assembled product is defective, please contact us. If a defective product is suspected:

You the buyer will be asked to pay return shipping for the defective product. Once received, we will confirm the product is defective and for what reason. If the defect is determined to be not caused by either the customer’s actions or the device(s) to which the product has been connected, then: If possible, we will repair your original product and ship it back to you, free of charge. If repair is not possible, we will ship you, free of charge, a fully working replacement product. If the defect is determined to be caused by the customer, they may choose to purchase a replacement product, or have the original product returned to them at their own expense. If the defect is determined to be caused by any device(s) to which it has been connected, then the same policy applies, and the customer may have the device returned at their own expense.