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3D Print cases and brackets for your BlueSCSI

We now have a wide range of 3D Mounts/Cases for your BlueSCSI. You can view them at the bottom of each regional page, or all on this page here. Please make sure you add them to your Cart before checkout if you require one. We now produce high quality PLA prints using a Prusa printer and Polyterra PLA. We charge a small fee for these prints, but you are welcome to print your own. You will not receive a 3D bracket/case if you don’t add one to your Cart. We are licensed to sell mounts by PotatoFi which can be found on Printables here β†’ PotatoFi


Purchasing 3D Prints ONLY

If you ONLY need to purchase a 3D print, as you built a BlueSCSI yourself, we do sell them separately from the Paypal links below which show the postage cost. Postage is free if purchased WITH a BlueSCSI. This is more of a service to those without a 3D printer.

V2 Desktop Bracket
V2 Desktop Bracket (Option 2)
V2 DB25 Mini Case
V2 Powerbook Bracket
V2 Desktop Bracket by PotatoFi