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All your retro SCSI and PCB needs in one place. New stuff for old tech.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the shipping costs?
A: Shipping is including in all our pricing to simplify checkout, but please make sure you purchase from the relevant EU/ROW pages for purchases from the EU or the rest of the world.

Q: What countires do we ship too?
A: We use Royal Mail so see this link for countires we can ship to - https://www.mailcoms.co.uk/news/royal-mail-international-zones-guide/

Q: How do I know if my order succeeded?
A: You will get an email from Paypal with your transaction details.

Q: Can I order without a Paypal account?
A: Yes of course, just use the Debit/Credit Card option on the checkout page. Paypal will still be the payment proccessor, but you don’t need to setup an account.

Q: Can I track my parcel once shipped?
A: You will receive a tracking number via an email that is sent from Paypal. This number with also show within Paypal under the transaction. Use this on the Royal Mail tracking page here

Q: What if I order multiple items, will I be charged extra for shipping?
A: No, you will recieve a “Shipping Discount” which will show on the checkout page. Multiple 3D prints don’t get a shipping discount as these are for order with another item and don’t have shipping costs added to their price.

Q: What is your return policy?
A: Please read our policy page here.

Q: Which address do we send to?
A: We send to the Paypal registered address or if you pay without a Paypal account then the Billing or Shipping address you enter at checkout.

Q: I only see a kit, but I cannot solder?
A: You can request us to solder any kit for you, but this will be an extra cost and time dependant. Use our contact form to request this service if you really cannot solder or have nobody you can ask.

Q: Where did your name come from?
A: The Flamelily is the flower of Zimbabwe, our birthplace.

Q: Where do I get help on the BlueSCSI?
A: Please view the BlueSCSI Version 2 help docs here https://bluescsi.com/docs/ View this page for detailed Kit Assembly instructions https://bluescsi.com/docs/Kit-Assembly-Instructions. You can also download the PDF files below for Version 1 instructions about usage and assembly.
✅V1 Usage Instructions PDF ✅V1 Desktop Assembly Instructions PDF ✅V1 DB25 Assembly Instructions PDF

Contact Us if you have questions that are not answered here.